Spetsnaz Tactical

Tactical Sights

PSG, 3Gun whatever your into, so are we
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Laser Sights

Laser sights for Rifles and Pistols from a standard laser 1MW up to our high power 5MW green laser with remote buttons

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Reflex Sights

Open frame or enclosed all our relex sights are made from mostly aluminium, we aim for the highest quality outside the military

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Red Dot Scopes

Aircraft grade alloy tubes, high grade components, all go towards making our holographic reflex scopes.

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Swat Scopes

Police SWAT style scopes, aircraft grade alloy, glass reticles, rails and mounts for add ons like torches, lasers etc

We are a major manufacture of tactical sights & scopes, Red & Green lasers, Reflex sights and Tactical Scopes.

About Spetsnaz

We make tactical sights and scopes
What we make

an assortment of red dot, lasers and reflex sights